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178 Days of Hue, Part 7- End

Krizia delos Reyes, Gary Lawan, and 149 others like Hue Martinez’ note 5 things you might not know about spoiled brat it girls.

It girl, Queen Bee, Miss Popular.
Many names, many definitions.
One girl.

Characteristics often associated to her are a pleasant appearance, charisma, skill in manipulation, and monetary power. The queen bee has substantial influence and power over the clique, and is usually envied and/or looked upon as a role model by clique members and at times by outsiders to the clique. Her actions are closely followed and imitated, even though they may not be of a positive nature.

She is the embodiment of a true to life it girl. Everyone knows her, looks up to her, girls and boys alike. Every girl wants to befriend her, every guy wants her attention. She loves her popularity and sometimes, it pushes her to be rude, insensitive, and immature.

These maybe true but it’s also wrong. Whatever aura they radiate to people was simply her personality. She simply wears this smile no one can resist. She simply dresses neat and clean and stylish. She simply is likeable to the male species. But then despite these, she’s not immune to imperfections. Sometimes, emotions get the better of her and she just can’t help but break down and give in to the emotions.


1) They have real talent.

They can do make-up. They can dress up. They can dance with style. They can flirt.
These are the only talents I know they could ever have.

But I guess I was wrong. They can create a picture with meaning, built out of thinking, out of inner creativity. If they shout at nerds and calling them names for changing the design they made, it’s not because they are selfish, owning their design. It is because they take pride in whatever skill they have, they only want people to see who they really are through the things they created.

2) They date nerds.

Cheerleaders usually equal soccer or basketball superstars. Dating nerds only happens if they have ulterior motive. But then on the other side of some it girls, there’s a theater queen who is not in the center stage, who doesn’t crave for standing right on the spotlight. They date nerds because they understand them. They take time being with nerds simply because they want to, with no secret intentions. They date nerds not because they have manipulation in mind, but simply because they are falling in love.

3) They do wake up early and can make good coffee, sandwich, lunch, or dinner.

One of the routines of it girls is having their beauty sleep. However, this is wrong. They can stay up late at night reading random books just to wake up nerds who are getting sleepy in front of their student council proposal to be submitted the next day. It girls can wake up to the sound of an alarm clock nerds can’t even hear. They wake up before nerds do to and make coffees which nerds can’t live without. They don’t rely on cafeteria food, or packed diet, because they bring their own food stuffed with different meats and cheeses to share with their nerd boyfriends. Sometimes, they invite their nerd boyfriends to dinner that they themselves made.

4) What confidence they exude, they also share.

It girls are known to be confident creatures. They take pride in their looks, in their grace, in their poise, in what they own. I never thought they also know such thing as helping. It girls also scribbles in their nerd boyfriends’ notes things like “You can do it!”, “I believe in you”, “Keep believin’!”, “You’re the best”. They don’t keep every compliment to themselves. They also give.

5) They are hard to let go.

"IT" is that quality possessed by some which draws all others with its magnetic force.
It girls are known to be experts at flings and short-term relationships, as short as a minute. But then as much as that, they have the ability to keep a relationship going, so much that when it comes to a destined end, the pull of the emotions nerds feel for it girls are not fading instantly.

Just as it girls are vulnerable to imperfections, nerds are too. They may seem to know everything, calculate every single decision, and think over every step… but then they can be wrong too. And love… is like a nerd’s kryptonite. At first, love may seem to be easily felt and analyzing every move can be a breeze. When you think everything is in its place, the tables will start turning around, and what you carefully planned was suddenly starting to plan for you.

Maybe that’s why it girls and nerds never budge too much. Nerds have an envisioned future while it girls don’t have that sometimes they tend to join the nerds on their road which destroys a carefully planned future. But then a nerd would be foolish enough to not notice the contribution of this crossover. Foolish will be the nerd who is afraid to recreate a different and better future.

To the It girl I’m still in love with…
I was consumed with my ambition I thought that I must choose.
I did not choose you because I’m afraid.
You know too much about me, your 12-07-09 entry I mean. It’s almost like you know everything about me. And it scares me. I have never been vulnerable in my life, not until I knew you.
But then I’ve realized being vulnerable is good. It may have rendered me weak, but it had made me open myself to people- to you.

Nerds know no definition of love, all I know for a fact is that we feel it.
I love you, George, my it girl.

Krizia: Aww…
Gary: So nice of you, Hue.
Justine: George girl, you got to give this man a chance… or else.
Mary: @Justine: I think I know what ‘or else’ means, you bitch.
Justine: @Mary: I know you want to say that too, I just did it first
Jenna: Super like!
McCartney: Are you really Hue?
Harold: @McCartney: for the first time, I’m agreeing with you hahahahaha
Gary: @McCartney and Harold: That’s what you call a REAL guy, FYI
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