Monday, April 26, 2010

178 Days of Hue, Part 6

March 5, 2010
10:54 pm

He broke up with me.
What the hell?
Goddamnit, it’s March! Of all times, why March?!
The truth is I don’t care if it’s March… The truth is that I want to bang my head hard on the wall. He deserves an applause. He did the most humiliating break up to me and that is more of my concern than March.

Damn, I’m going crazy.

Maybe that’s what they do, nerds I mean. You get irritated with them because they get so annoying that it drives you crazy. When you start to understand them, and fell for them, the fact that you are falling for a nerd drives you crazy. Being in love with a nerd itself is crazy. Thinking you and a nerd has a romantic future is crazy. A George being dumped by some nerd named Hue is crazy. Hue dumping George in front of the student crowd, holding her congratulations gift to him with a stupid smile on her face because she is confident he’ll be announced valedictorian of the class, was even crazier. Crying over a nerd was the craziest of them all.

Why did I fell in love with him in the first place?
Scratch that. I know why, plenty of reasons, and I won’t enumerate ‘coz I’ll go softy on that one and cry again.
The question is: Why does it have to hurt so much?

Georgette -_-

March 31, 2010
7:23 am

I woke up noticing that today’s the last day of March. And I thought about Hue. And the memories came flooding again.

So please, give me this one chance to cry everything out, by that I mean not only to rant but also to cry tears. I promise, promise promise, that this will be the last.Tomorrow, April, will be a new day.

7 things I’ll be saying goodbye to:

1) Sit opposite him in the library table, watching him as he study or read or something, just by looking at him I’m falling even more in love with him. Since it now belongs to the goodbye-list, maybe I’ll say goodbye to falling more in love with him too. Which is good, I think, for moving on.

2) Fighting over chicken skin and the fatso part of the pork, arguing to ourselves how we can be so unhealthy and snob the thought right after.

3) Being honest with someone, someone who turns out to be Hue. And talking like a smart-ass, because being with him feels like it was necessary. I always find that funny, he too.

4) Walking into surprises- heart-pounding, knee jellying, Damn! I love this guy-flashes-in-my-head-inducing kind of surprises using the most common elements, you know- candlelight, flowers, chocolates, teddies, etc.

5) Enjoying studying… seriously! I mean, it felt good after all to really learn from what you’re reading, it’s not just because it comes along with fantasizing (sometimes I do that), but he really is a good teacher. Real good…

6) A guy who fulfills expectations, the kind who you found to be standing at the school gates when you expect him to be there waiting for you, who sings to you when you know it is a perfect moment, who holds your hand when you are debating to yourself if you should take his hand or creep your fingers near his and wait for him to find it and hold it, who kisses you when in your mind, you secretly wanted to.

7) Watching Meet the Robinsons in his couch where we would argue he’d rather admit he’s a nerd, like Lewis, than what I insist that I’d like him to be Goob because he’s cuter than Lewis.

I promise this would be my last blog post.
I won't blog again!
Promise, cross my heart, lightning may strike, whatever else…

Goodbye Hue.
Goodbye memories.

Georgette +.+


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