Monday, April 26, 2010

178 Days of Hue, Part 4

October 10, 2009
4:13 am

You won’t believe what I discovered last night.

Due to my depression, I went to a comedy bar Krizia had taken me to last month. Although my intention was to laugh, I wasn’t listening to the stand-up comedians and instead was eavesdropping on the drama of the couple next to me. It made me smile consistently for almost until midnight.

Not until the stand-up comedians called out for a guy named Hue.
I instantly turned to the stage and found the nerd Hue in the stage. A table from where he’s seated just near the stage was wild, the people I don’t really recognize. The resident comedians were making fun of him and all. You won’t believe it but he spoke just one phrase, the crowd were laughing wildly. The comedians were shocked and one of them said that he liked him. He stayed there for quite a long time, throwing back humor to the stand-up comedians. People were really paying attention to their act, laughing at almost everything he says. I found myself laughing too, and thinking that maybe, I had misjudged him.

When he walked down the stage and back to his table, I decided that it’s time for me to go. Suddenly, I had this urge to observe him from where I am but then knew that I shouldn’t. So I paid my bill and go.

I texted my cousin Teddy to fetch me and minutes had already passed but I was still standing on the sidewalk waiting for his reply. I was already tapping my foot in impatience and discomfort.

I was yawning when I turned to my right and found Hue standing there. I immediately closed my mouth shut as he smirked at what he saw.

“I assume whoever you’re texting was not replying.”
I just looked at him then pretended to be watching out for some car arriving.
“And I assume it was supposed to be someone you asked to take you home but seemed to be not coming.”
I rolled my eyes, “Why do you always seem to know everything?”
Hue stood beside me, hands inside his pockets. “Maybe… but I certainly don’t know if you would like me to take you home.” he said, beaming.
I looked up at him as he was obviously taller, frowning in curiosity, “And your friends?”
“They’re staying.”
“And you’re not?”
“I won’t ‘coz I know you’ll say yes.”
I smiled. “Look, I’m waiting for my cousin…”
He bent down to whisper on my ear, “You have been looking at your phone every now and then. My offer would be your safest choice.”

Right at that moment, I was asking myself how is this happening. How can a nerd make my heart skip beats?

“Well, if you want to walk me home, we might as well start now.” I said almost shyly as I started stepping. I heard him laugh softly and catch up with me.
“If you don’t mind, will you answer this question?” I asked. He nodded.
“Are you hitting on me?”
He just smiled one-sidedly, then said, “You seem to know things yourself.”
I pressed my lips.
“Have you remembered you were just punched by my boyfriend first period this morning?” I asked in light sarcasm.
He frowned, “Who was that guy anyway?”

I can’t believe him. He’s too confident dismissing Lloyd, like Lloyd was just some worm, like he was not my boyfriend. Although I feel bad he thinks of that in regards to Lloyd, I just can’t help feeling light with Hue. He wasn’t a boring nerd. He knows a lot of things, not only book stuff, but things in life… and it makes him better compared to any average person there is. Maybe, it’s what makes him unlike any other nerds- he has friends, lots of.

I know it was a bad choice to walk from the comedy bar to my house, because it requires a lot of walking. But then I know it was the best choice to make because even though my feet ached, I had experienced a different kind of fun with Hue.

Funny, right?

Georgette (._.)

October 26, 2009
9:35 pm

Things had been pretty good these days.
Okay, maybe not really good.
I think having two guys compete for my attention was nice but not really nice.

Lloyd was extra sweet. He would give up practices just to take me out, he would oddly have study sessions with me, he would wait inside the auditorium until I finish or wait for cheerleading practices to end so that he could drive me home… I love Lloyd, but it had been quite different now.

And then Hue, he’s making quiet efforts. He would make me smile on occasions where we pass by each other, he would talk to me when we’re on a spot in the auditorium secluded from Lloyd’s sight, he would wake me up at midnight just to walk me to a seesaw nearby because according to him, that was his only way of getting into me without causing too much fuss.

I love them both.
Do I really have to choose?

Georgette =(


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