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178 Days of Hue, Part 3

October 8, 2009
2:35 pm

There weren’t supposed to be classes. But then, Raffy- the theater club president, called last night and requested for participants in his crazy idea. Knowing that it means he has conceived an idea for another photo shoot, I said yes, and so there I was waiting with Ying, Klein, and Steffany in the auditorium an hour later from the 8:00 am call time. An hour waiting for Raffy…

We were having fun at the stage mimicking last night’s play when the auditorium door opened. It was Raffy with more of the theater club members. Each of them were bringing something, either a bulky costume, pieces of clothing, some furniture extraordinaire, or boxes which I assumed contained make-up, wigs, and a variety of accessories.

“Let’s get to business guys! Gather ‘round the stage please!”

It always starts with that. Raffy would gather us for him to deliver his wonderful concepts, as if some sort of story conference. That will take around 20 to 30 minutes. Yes, it takes that long for him to explain. It’s okay anyway, because by the time he’s finished, every one of us would have picked the idea, have the same picture in our heads, so that no more questions are asked and we all were going busy then.

I was doing make-up on Krizia when Gary entered the auditorium.

“I’m sorry guys! Hue and I had gone through a lot to have the bamboo you’re looking for Raf.”

At the mention of his name, I froze. Gary was rushing back outside and inside again, now carrying a couple of bamboo poles on whose other end, Hue was holding. He was still wearing his happy and eager demeanor. I turned my attention back to Krizia.

“It’s kind of Hue to help us out, you know.” she casually mentioned. I just shut up.

“Oh, and guys, for today, we have a guest photographer. Hue’s helping us.” Raffy said spreading his arm to present Hue. Hue smiled as everyone start to rumble things as a welcome. I am still feeling irritated but then by this time, what comes after is remembering what he did to me last night.

“Your bag. You left it last night.” Hue had put my bag on the chair beside me. He then turned away. I did not react. Then as if having no reaction at all was something wrong to do, Krizia looked at me with one raised brow. She asked me why I wasn’t angry or being rude.

“Do I have to?”
“No, but it’s what we should expect from you if the matter’s Hue.”
“Maybe something happened last night…” Gary said in passing. I immediately searched for his eyes. He looked down at his pocket for his phone. He flipped his phone open and flashed me a photo… of Hue kissing me. Krizia gasped as Gary closed the phone and smiled absently.
“What was that?” Krizia was mouthing, eyes wide.
“Keep your lips apart, I’m putting your lipstick.”
Krizia parted her lips, yet it didn’t stop her from asking. “Ay God, Sheorge, hi can’t helieve ith! How did that hahen?”
“Just shut up Krish, I don’t know what to think about it, you know.”
“Ee haf tho thalk abouth ith lather oke?”

For how many times, Hue and I accidentally stare and it always reminds me of last night… the kiss. Then my heart would pound hard and I’m not liking it.

What have I gotten myself into?

Georgette &_&

October 9, 2009
7:47 pm

Yesterday was the only time I dreadfully opened my Facebook account. Some Siobhan Villana had posted that one photo of Hue and me kissing. It had gained 168 comments and a lot of likes… and still counting.

I’m doomed.
I immediately texted Gary and Krizia- the only persons who knew about what happened.

Gary: I don’t knw bout dat gurl!
Krizia: Ive seen dat 2.. Uhm, George, I think sum1 had seen 8 on my fone. I think its Janin coz last nyt we hang out and coz Siobhan s her cuzin.

Damn that freshman as if. What good could the picture give her?

I’ve opened the photo in another tab to see all the comments. Super random…

Glen: Delicious kiss… (he’s the classroom’s trickster)
Hilary: I never thought Hue can be this yummy! (co-cheerleader, flirt)
Anne: Me too, Hue! (dumb cheerleader, and flirt)
McCartney: Me too, George! (the sexually connotated geek, yuck!)
Harold: Has Lloyd seen this? (Lloyd’s best friend, shit)
Jayma: What’s gotten into you, George? Lloyd not enough for you? (I don’t know her)
Krizia: Shut up, Jayma- whoever you are. What year are you in? (Shit Krizia, you’re commenting to this?)
Jayma: …
Justine: Couple of the year? (yearbook editor, know-it-all)
Mary: Yeah right, the it-girl and the nerd, LOL (Justine’s sidekick)
Krizia: I wouldn’t care if a nerd’s that hot! (Shut up, Krish)

Okay, so that was the scandal in Facebook. This morning, I thought I can’t bear to go to school. And yes, I was right. Students were staring at me, murmuring to each other, some with sour faces, some smiling, some laughing, some with brows up, some wide-eyed. I immediately pulled out Krizia and Gary from a group of gossipers when I caught sight of them. Krizia was instantly saying sorry repeatedly and I dismissed her by saying that they should never leave me because I can’t bear walking ‘round the campus alone, people looking at me.

The first period was the awkward-est of all awkward moments. Ms. Hontiveros, our English teacher, was fond of exploring on our thoughts that every time she gives us an essay assignment, she would waste one whole period just for sharing, a boring time for all of us.

Not this day though. It was a given opportunity for everyone to talk about the issue.

This round’s essay was to describe our own heaven if we were Susie Salmon of Lovely Bones. McCartney was first, saying all his sexual fantasies, receiving yucks and ews from our classmates, including having him instead of Hue in the Facebook-famed photo. Gary was next saying he would have a play everyday in his heaven with Calvin Klein fragrance. Then, Lloyd came in late, his eyes glued hard on Hue as he found his seat at my back.

“Hey Babe…” he whispered. I turned and looked at him. He looked pitiful.

Mary had said she wanted a heaven where she was the editor-in-chief of Vogue, with Justine raising one brow in her seat.

“About the photo-“
“Shh…,” he stopped me, “I love you.”
Then I just smiled and turned to the front. In my head, I know I was supposed to say something, but I really just couldn’t figure what.

Krizia was saying that in her heaven, she was a superstar, paparazzi surrounding her, in a Christian Dior scented heaven. Oh, and with Brad Pitt as her husband…

When it was Lloyd’s turn, he said his heaven would nothing else but have him and only me in it, no one can go in, for it was surrounded by a force field of electricity. In his paradise, no one will touch me. No other guy owns me. That may have been sounded selfish but I guess it was sweet. But then when I looked at Lloyd, he was clutching his paper almost crumpling it, eyes on Hue. Every student in the room was whispering to each other. Ms. Hontiveros tapped the board hard to silence us. Then she called out Hue for his essay. Hue shoved everything off like he doesn’t care about everything he sees and hears.

As what you would expect from an honor student and student body president, his heaven consisted of he being in the self-actualized status, success, et cetera et cetera. Right, nerds…

“This is a heaven expected of me. The real thing is my heaven is just simple, surreal but simple.” Then he motioned to his seat. Surreal? I think that was weird.

Ms. Hontiveros stopped him and asked him if that was all, if he could at least explain that simple heaven.

“Like Lloyd,” he was looking at Lloyd, “I also want to have someone in my heaven,” he was looking at me, “and she will only know what that heaven would be.”

Ms. Hontiveros was silent, my classmates Whoa-ed and murmurs here and there, and Hue was still staring at me plainly. Then after almost like forever, everyone snapped into reality. Ms. Hontiveros called over Glen as Hue went back to his seat and saw that Lloyd’s gaze was following him too… with a clenched fist.

When the bell rang and Ms. Hontiveros out of the room, Lloyd stood up and punched Hue which knocked him off his feet and into the floor.

“Take your hands, your eyes and your lips, off my girl.”

Hue stood up coolly, fixing his glasses and shirt, which made Lloyd felt insulted. He grabbed Hue’s shirt and pulled him close to him to punch him in the stomach then pushed him against the wall. He gave another punch at which Hue ducked and moved on his side. When Lloyd faced Hue, Hue hit him hard on the face unexpectedly. It knocked him down on the floor. Lloyd, although in a shock, started to get up to regain his dignity. But then I ran in between them and told them to stop. When the atmosphere became quieter, I walked out of the room to get some air.

Lloyd followed me outside, held my arm, turn me to face him and put his arms around my waist. I told him he shouldn’t have done that. He tightened his arms to pull me close to him and whispered I love you. I told him that I just want to be alone then I pulled away from him and walked away.

I skipped classes and the whole day I was going places.
I was lost.
I really don’t know what to do. My world’s shaky.

Georgette .)_(.


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