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178 Days of Hue, Part 2

September 29, 2009
6:46 pm

I was so excited about my greatest theater masterpiece, my last one for high school. I just came home half past three from cheerleading championships in Bacolod (wherein we nailed it!) but I immediately rushed to the auditorium to see how things were going. For us seniors, this will be our last play and we decided we’ll have it big time. I’ve spent many sleepless nights only thinking of the perfect stage and costume, the stage especially. I had fun creating the 60’s costume in my mind and I had sketched it in an instant. But with the stage, I crumpled nearly all of the packs of bond paper I have bought from the bookstore. And then I had sketched the perfect stage design, the best that I have ever thought of in my entire life!

I was so excited about how they were going with my design when, after I have opened the auditorium doors, I found a different stage, so different from my own sketch. I was walking into the stage when Gary was excitingly walking towards me, a guy following his back smiling. He was tall, lean, with a strong jaw line in a long face covered with his curly hair. He was wearing glasses.

“Hey cheerleader, you’re back! Guess what? Hue here is helping us with the stage, don’t you think it’s just lovely?”

He was about to formally introduce me to Hue, you know, Hue this is George and George this is Hue. Yeah I know. He was the overly prudent to-be valedictorian of our class. But I interrupted that by asking Gary about my own stage sketch. He told me he had showed Hue the sketch and he made a ‘suggestion’ and at that, that nerd had the nerve to offer his hand to shake. I ignored him and asked for Gary to talk privately with me.

“I was just showing your sketch to him because we’re lab partners. And he made a suggestion and I thought it was good. Look, George, it’s not that I’m underestimating your talent. Your sketch was great! But then Hue’s right too. It wasn’t that eye-popping.”

And since when nerds have a taste?

So that’s it. That whole day, I just did what else I could do to help, thinking it will take my mind off the intrusion. But then when I turn my back to the stage for one last time before finally exiting the auditorium, I was appalled. My heart just sinks at the idea that my hard work was for nothing.

I hate that nerd.

Georgette (‘O’)

October 5, 2009
12:14 pm

I cant stand him. He’s jst dis know it ol. Wel, fyn I know he’s d valedictorian. But wat d hel? He’s trying 2 b frendly. Argh, he’s jst so irritating.

October 5, 2009
10:27 pm

We had been very busy with the play. It was so tiring. I had fitted the costumes today with the actors and I’ll do the sewing after posting this entry.

I just need to fire out this Hue-induced hypertension.

Every single day that we’re preparing for the play, he was there too, overseeing his stage and everyone else as if he’s officially a theater club member. He has been meddling with almost everything else.

I know he knows I’m giving him the cold shoulder. And that’s why he’s been trying to act nicely. Whenever we pass by each other in the campus, he would smile at me and greet me. At the classroom, he would pick up my pen when I’ve dropped it or answer the question when he felt like I had been standing for ages because I don’t know the answer to the teacher’s question. In the auditorium, he would offer a hand when I was carrying big plastic bags on my hands or when I was lifting chairs.

Nerds are really try-hard social people.


Georgette -_-

October 7, 2009
8:33 pm

Today was the day of the play. It went well and when it ended, it was like a theater show of the decade. Along the play, I watch my costumes and I felt proud of myself. When I look at the stage design, I can’t help looking at that nerd seated on the first row to my right. My head just gets filled up seeing him having fun with the play. It felt like he has let himself in uninvited and feel like the most important member in just a snap. But then, the more my flames rage when after the play, people are congratulating me for the wonderful stage, for the very modern take on stage design, for the stage that caught their eye in an instant.

Your design was good, very intricate and perfect even, but then I think it was not eye-catching enough. I just made little changes.

That was what he told me. His little changes meant an over-all revision of my work, leaving the lettering of the play title and the bushes on one side of the stage as my original work. I can hear applauses and compliments for it but then I can’t help feeling so insulted because in the first place, that was not my work!

My theater friends, as usual, went out to celebrate, but I decided to stay on the auditorium. I sat at the middle aisle, on the middlemost seat and waited for everyone to leave until I was the only person left. I was looking at the stage, envisioning my own work on the stage and not that nerd’s ‘revised’ design with a heavy heart when I was surprised by a whisper.

“Nice job, George.”

When I turned around, there stood Hue wearing that friendly smile in his face, a face that I just can’t stand. Instantly, I stood up and walked heavily towards the door.

Hue: *laughing* What’s the matter?
Me: What’s the matter? You’re asking me that?
Hue: *confused* Uhm, yeah?
Me: Don’t play idiot on me, nerd! Don’t pretend you’re the hero just because you’re giving the credits to me.
Hue: Well, you designed that, of course. And people liked it…
Me: It’s NOT MY WORK! That’s YOUR stage, not mine! *words echoing in the empty auditorium, walking back to Hue*
Hue: You’re angry? *that was with some sort of sarcasm*
Me: *stops in place, glaring*
Hue: Okay. I’m sorry. I just thought that I could still do something to make it better.
Me: Now you’re talking… *arms crossed*
Hue: I swear, I didn’t mean to-
Me: Intrude? Ha! You’re right, that was what every self-righteous, attention-seeking, ego-driven, homo nerds always do. You do what you want at the expense of others.
Hue: Who told you that?
Me: I did, why would anyone have to tell me what to say?
Hue: No, no… the gay part.
Me: *confused, slightly* Every one does. And you have just proven that to me. You’re jealous of me because I am every woman that you are not. You-

Kablaam! It happened. He held my face and kissed me… on the lips. I really don’t know how to describe that feeling. I mean, one minute I was thinking he’s this gay nerd who thinks I’m competition and now-

When he pulled back, he said right into my face, “I would have passed you calling me nerd. But I’m not gay.”

I froze. I just had looked stupid there! All I did was to turn around with dignity and walk out of the auditorium when I realized I have forgotten my bag. But I’m not going back there. The hell with the bag.

I was thinking maybe, he just did that because he’s in denial. But then it just can’t be. See, I know it wasn’t just a homo kiss. You know, what homo and bisexuals do, casual kisses on the lips. He’s even better than my jock boyfriend.


Georgette @.@


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